Ecological restoration in the Tiruvannamalai region


Key details

About the project

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Ecological restoration in the Tiruvannamalai region


Key details

Aim of the restoration project

To work towards restoration of the natural regions towards the ecological state pre destroyal

What was the condition of the land before restoration? And what are the past and current disturbances?

The region has been without its forest cover more than hundred years, with fires and grazing being the main disturbances.

What are the restoration activities that were/are being carried out?

Every year fire lines are created and maintained. These fire lines are 10 metres wide. All grasses and low lying herbs are removed. There are about 25 kms of fire lines on the hill. In addition fires which occur either due to vandalism or natural disturbances are put out manually by a fire fighting team which is ready round the clock particularly in the summer months. Through this we are able to contain fires and minimise destruction. We plant 15000 trees every year.

Area of the project

Few hundred hectares




300- 814 m

Annual rainfall

1000 mm


9.3°C to 45°C

About the project

The Forest Way grew out of work begun in 2003 to address this situation. Even earlier efforts by both the Forest Department and other local groups had shown that it was possible to grow trees once more on the Hill, but without dealing with the annual fires, the benefit of these efforts was always localized.

Our aim is not simply a return of tree cover to the Hill, but a broader restoration of its complex ecosystems. We know that life desperately wants of live. Nature has an immense power to heal itself if only given the chance. The best use of resources is usually to simply protect and allow the forest to return. At the same time, we strongly feel that people can have an active and positive part to play in helping the forests return. When people do this, it not only helps the forest, but gives great value to the lives of those who partake in this wonderful process.

So our work encompasses active prevention of fire on the hill, raising and planting out trees and other plants, protection, education, community action, continual observation and artistic enjoyment. We aim to let nature dictate our actions, and to let natural feedback prove or disprove those actions.

Successful prevention of fire has taken place through co-operation with the Forest Department and young volunteers. The result has been that forests are returning rapidly across the entire hill. Increases in bird and animal life further affirm that positive change is underway. Tree planting augments and speeds up this process, and bringing local schoolchildren to this young forest and allowing them to form a bond with it lays down further connections that will protect the trees in years to come.

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Team: Govinda, Leela, Arun, Akila, Suprabha Seshan, Harish
Maasilamani, Parasuraman, Vijaya, Jaya, Siva Kumar, Shyam
Address: 347, Kananthampoondi village, Tiruvannamalai, 606603.
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