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Brahmaputra Valley semi-evergreen forests


Conservationist, Field biologist, Naturalist, Nature educator, Researcher, Ecologist

Narayan Sharma

Cotton University

I am an educationist, conservation biologist and ecologist who has a two-decades of experience working in the field of education and wildlife research in northeast India. I am presently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental Biology and Wildlife Sciences at Cotton University, Guwahati and an Adjunct Professor at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru, Karnataka. I obtained my doctoral degree from the National Institute of Advanced Studies and Manipal University. A post-doc from the Nature Conservation Foundation, my research interests lie broadly in the field of ecology, conservation biology, primatology, ecological pedagogy, urban ecology, human ecology, human-wildlife interaction and ecological restoration. I incorporate the modern developments in the field while teaching the young minds to nourish a new brigade of ecologists and wildlife biologists from the northeastern region of India. I am an advocate for Citizen Science and takes initiative to take ecological and environmental sciences to the general public and popularize it.