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East Deccan dry-evergreen forests, North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests, North Western Ghats montane rainforests, South Deccan Plateau dry deciduous forests, South Western Ghats moist deciduous forests, South Western Ghats montane rainforests, Himalayan subtropical pine forests


Conservationist, Naturalist, Nature educator, Private landowner, Ecologist

Abhisheka Krishnagopal

I have an educational background in Fine Arts (Painting), Ecology & Environment, and Conservation Leadership. I have worked in the field of urban wildlife rehabilitation, ecological research specialised in bird migration and nature education where I use the medium of visual & performing arts to communicate biodiversity conservation.

My long-term interests are to integrate research, outreach and conservation as well as bring together art and ecology to create stronger links between rural livelihoods and biodiversity conservation.

I am currently associated with the Education and Public Engagement programme of NCF. Alongside, I am exploring the possibilities of ecologically restoring a private plantation in Sakaleshpur region of Karnataka.