Yarlung Zanbo arid steppe

A small area at the northernmost edge of Sikkim falls within this ecoregion. Mostly dominated by cold desert steppe at higher elevations changing lower down to deciduous scrub. Lower than other parts of the Tibetan Plateau, it has more moderate valley climate, mean annual temperatures 4 – 8°C, and annual precipitation of 200 – 500 mm. Potential vegetation is steppe grassland with scattered shrubs and herbs in the Genera Sophora, Leptodermis, Ceratostigma, and Artemisia. Cold steppe vegetation above 4,000 m has Stipa feather grass, honeysuckle shrubs, and Potentilla fruticosa in the east and Caragana, a spiny legume, in the west. The region has supported permanent human habitation for more than 3,500 years.? The flagship fauna includes the Black-necked Crane.

Source: Modified from One Earth CC BY-NC