Northern Triangle temperate forests

This ecoregion represents a relatively narrow band of temperate forests in northern Myanmar’s mountains, bordering Namdapha in India. As a biogeographic ecotone of the Assam-Indian, Eastern Himalayan, Indo-Malayan, and Chinese floral regions, this ecoregion has high species richness. The temperate forests between 1,830 and 2,700 m are characterized by species such as Alnus nepalensis, Betula cylindrostachya, Bucklandia populnea, and species of Castanopsis, Schima, and Michelia. At higher elevations, the forests transition into a mix of broadleaf and conifers, with species of Quercus, Magnolia, Acer, Prunus, and Rhododendron along with Picea, Tsuga, Larix, and Taiwania cryptomerioides. Shrubs include species of Berberis, Clethra, Enkianthus, Euonymus, Hydrangea, Photinia, Rhododendron, Rubus, and Sorbus.

Source: Modified from One Earth CC BY-NC