Mizoram-Manipur-Kachin rainforests

This ecoregion includes hill ranges of Mizoram and parts of Tripura, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh falls within the Indo-Burma biodiversity hotspot. The climate is seasonal. The southwest monsoons brings most rainfall, exceeding 2,000 mm annually in parts. The dominant tree species are species of Dipterocarpus, Parashorea, Hopea, Shorea, Swintonia, Bombax, Albizia and Castanopsis. The dense understory includes smaller evergreen trees and bamboos. Bamboo dominates some areas in monotypic stands. It has high plant richness due to elements of Indian, Indo-Malayan, and Indo-Chinese biotas. Bird species richness is high and the ecoregion is home to endangered species such as clouded leopards and hoolock gibbons.

Source: Modified from One Earth CC BY-NC