Malabar Coast moist forests

This ecoregion, although now densely populated and transformed, may have likely had extensive swathes of rain forest stretching for over 1,400 km along the western coast of the Indian Subcontinent, from Mumbai in the north to the southern tip of India. The ecoregion extends from the coast to the 250 m elevation contour of the steep Western Ghats Mountains a few kilometers inland. Over 2,500 mm of annual rainfall and abundance of water create wet conditions in the lowlands that influence the vegetation. The characteristic trees are species of genera Tetrameles, Stereospermum, Ficus, Dysoxylum, Pterocarpus, Terminalia, Dalbergia, Madhuca, and Mangifera (wild mango). Myristica swamps and the inland lagoons also occur with unique vegetation.

Source: Modified from One Earth CC BY-NC