Khathiar-Gir dry deciduous forests

The only ecoregion in Asia to support Asiatic lions. It has dry deciduous forests surrounded by extensive thorn scrub forests. The hot, arid climate, receives 550 to 700 mm of rain annually. Temperatures regularly soar to over 45°C and drop to near freezing on cold winter nights. As a transition area from the Afrotropical to South Indian floras, it has representatives from both. The forests canopy at 15 to 25 m height has teak as dominant species in the more humid areas, in association with species of Aegle, Boswellia, Diospyros, Bombax, Sterculia, Emblica, Dalbergia, and Terminalia. Drier areas may have almost pure stands of Anogeissus pendula, a small, hardy tree Rocky hillocks have the cactus-like Euphorbia, Acacia, Wrightia, and Grewia.

Source: Modified from One Earth CC BY-NC