East Deccan moist deciduous forests

The complex landforms of the low hills along the northern Eastern Ghats mountains and the central Indian Satpura Range that fall within this ecoregion rise above 1,300 m to demarcate the northern boundary of the Indian Peninsula, and provide some relief to the otherwise featureless, flat Deccan Plateau. The ecoregion receives about 1,000 mm of annual rainfall from the monsoons that sweep in from the Bay of Bengal. Thus, the forest vegetation is influenced by topography, soil, precipitation, and microclimates created by the complex landforms. The common trees that characterize the vegetation includes species of Shorea, Terminalia, Adina, Syzygium, and Toona. The forests support populations of mammals such as tiger, sloth bear, and gaur.

Source: Modified from One Earth CC BY-NC