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Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests, Himalayan subtropical broadleaf forests, Meghalaya subtropical forests, Western Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows, Himalayan subtropical pine forests, Western Himalayan broadleaf forests, Western Himalayan subalpine conifer forests


Botanist, Plant taxonomist, Researcher, Restoration Practitioner, Ecologist

Years of experience
2-5 years

Shiekh Marifatul Haq

Wildlife Trust of India
I am an ecologist with a broad interest in research topics that includes forest ecology, restoration, invasion biology, and climate change for unknown areas of the Indian Himalayan region, with the ultimate goal of contributing to biodiversity documentation, conservation, and sustainable usage. The primary focus of my research has been to understand the relationship between mountain biodiversity and climate. Although the interrelationship between mountain systems and climate is highly complex and reciprocal with a large degree of uncertainty, it is fundamental for maintaining the biodiversity of mountain ecosystems. The dynamic nature of mountain ecosystems is now threatened by pervasive human impacts in an epoch of the Anthropocene and categorizes it as a highly vulnerable ecosystem. I have extensively investigated the taxonomic composition, regeneration status, carbon stock, and forest resource utilization patterns of dominant forest types in the Himalayas of Jammu and Kashmir, India. Currently, I work with the Wildlife Trust of India as project head for the Dering-Dibru elephant corridors’ forest restoration and monitoring project in the Indian Eastern Himalayas. Exploring and photographing the biodiversity and natural landscapes of the Himalayan range and other parts of the world is not only my career, but an unending passion as well.