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South Western Ghats moist deciduous forests, South Western Ghats montane rainforests


Conservationist, Naturalist, Nature educator, Ecologist, Nature Based Solutions Professional, Environmental Law and Policy, Urban Environmental Management and Law

Shanmuga Sundara Bharathi

Commission Member, IUCN SSC, CEM, WCPA, CEC; Member, SER; Member, SCB; Life Member,BNHS; Life Member, NNHS

I was born in a hamlet located at the southernmost end of Western Ghats. As a native I grew up experiencing nature every second. In 1983 I had the privilege of participating in the Save Silent Valley protests when I was a student in University of Calicut. In 1988 I had the opportunity of participating in the SAVE WESTERN GHATS MARCH along the Western Ghats- about 800 km- and had campaigned with school and college students en route. After I joined Door darshan, I was trained in Television and Documentary production. During my service period in Door darshan, I have produced ninety documentaries on Environment and Pollution which are being telecast even after my retirement in 2018. After my retirement from Door darshan, I started working with Rural Youth and my peer groups as a Nature Conservationist (I am not making my livelihood out of it). My documenting and photography skills attracted the rural youth as needed and shared my knowledge of Nature Conservation with them. I had enrolled with SER; and as a Life Member in BNHS and NNHS . My Conservation goal made me a Commission Member of IUCN CEC, CEM, WCPA, and SSC. I am confident Nature Conservation is very much possible through activism and Law. As my Conservation work began to catch up with many, the pandemic stalled my activities. With the intention of acquiring knowledge to refine and share, I extensively studied Biodiversity, Red List of Ecosystem Criteria, Red List of Threatened Species Assessment, Program of Work on Protected Areas, Mangroves, Facilitating Species Conservation Planning, Conservation Standards etc., A few of the protests I in involved encouraged me to acquire sufficient knowledge in Environment Law and Climate Change Law. This capacity building in Environmental Law is a much needed tool for Biodiversity and Nature Conservationists to fight for justice in relation to Ecosystem and Biodiversity Restoration, Protected Area Management, the Rights of Forest Natives, Climate Change mitigation and for Conservation of Nature.