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North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests


Conservationist, Ecologist

Sarayu Kamat

Raah Foundation

Over 28 years of experience in management, leadership and business development. Extensive experience across corporate and retail finance domain with exposure to technology and operations for large corporate accounts as well as managing teams. Strong communication skills which enable quick translation between business strategy and technology solutions. Ability to partner closely with business stakeholders across multiple geographies and manage multi-cultural teams spread across different locations.

A strong urge to heal the Earth and give back to the community, propelled change of tracks to join the social sector and take up ecological restoration of habitats using rewilding techniques in full earnest in 2021. Leading program ReGreen Nation at Raah Foundation, I have so far undertaken programs creating food forests on private land on 110 acres and used re-wilding techniques to restore commons. Commenced ecological restoration efforts of 750 acres, with 167,000 saplings using 200+ native indigenous species & 800,000 vetiver slips and created 125 Loose Boulder Structures for soil & moisture conservation. Using BNHS as an independent agency for biodiversity assessment and Bluesky Analytics for satellite monitoring.

The plan is to restoring 50,000 acres of barren, denuded land by 2030. Ecological restoration includes biodiversity conservation, soil and moisture conservation, creating awareness in the community, ensuring livelihood opportunities and creating governance models to sustain the ecological restoration efforts.