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Central Deccan Plateau dry deciduous forests


Naturalist, Nature educator

Sadhana Ramchander

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Sadhana Ramchander has been working to spread the love of nature among children and adults. Along with her friend Kobita Dass Kolli, she has been conducting nature awareness classes in Vidyaranya High School, Hyderabad, since 2002. In 2011, she wrote a book titled, “Just look up…to see the magic in the trees around you”. This book is meant to address tree blindness, and to make people aware of the wonders of nature around them. Since 2015, Sadhana and Kobita have also been conducting tree walks in Hyderabad. Since 2019, they have been working, along with a group of nature lovers, to save 914 heritage banyans and 9000 other trees slated to be removed to make NH163. These trees form a green river on the Hyderabad-Chevella-Manneguda road, and are entire ecosystems that support bird and insect life. The group has filed a petition in the National Green Tribunal, Chennai; the case is ongoing. They have approached officials, conducted several events, press meets, a padayatra, etc. They have also been taking people on walks along the banyans to make them aware of the preciousness of these magnificent trees. ‘Save the Banyans of Chevella’ campaign is ongoing and can be seen here.