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Deccan thorn scrub forests, East Deccan moist deciduous forests, North Deccan dry deciduous forests, North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests


Conservationist, Designer, Naturalist, Nature educator, Ecologist

Ramesh Telugolla

Tribe Permaculture

Ramesh Telugu, inspired by his experiences of closely living and working with tribes from various parts of India founded Tribe permaculture to link traditional knowledge to solve modern world problems.

After graduating as an Electronics and telecommunication Engineer in 2016, Ramesh went on to work with wildlife conservationists. Transitioning to Permaculture was a natural choice since he always rejoiced to learn about wildlife, biodiversity, reviving local knowledge, and everything in between.

He completed his Permaculture Design Course in 2018 and the Permaculture Teacher Training course with Rosemary Morrow in the same year. He also pursued a Hydrogeology course in ACWADAM and a soil course with Clea Chandmal. During his time with the tribes, a woman questioned him saying “How many hours do you spend working in a week? Does the work feel satisfying in the end?”. This conversation with that woman changed the course of his entire life and made Ramesh question some of the most fundamental beliefs of today’s modern world. He felt the need to lead a better alternative lifestyle to create a balanced life that allows him to learn, work, take care of himself, nurture relationships, travel, and relish the simple pleasures of life.

He believes in knowledge being affordable and accessible to everyone with genuine curiosity. His home would be no less than a museum with a huge collection of native seeds, rocks, and whatnot! His true passion lies in wildlife conservation and restoration and so he desires to create a nursery for native species revival and intends to create a jungle for himself and live a life true to his heart.