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Aravalli west thorn scrub forests, Narmada Valley dry deciduous forests, Thar desert


Botanist, Naturalist, Nature educator, Restoration Practitioner

Years of experience
10-20 years

Pradip Krishen

Most of my work has been in Rajasthan, chiefly in Jodhpur (since 2006) and Jaipur (from 2016), although I have done or am about to do smaller projects in MP as well. The work has consisted of restoring tracts of degraded land between 50 and 70 hectares in size, and planting them up with native species of plants. Some tracts have been rocky, others almost pure sand, and in most cases so far, these restored tracts have become public parks with a visitors centre and trained naturalist guides for visitors. So interpretation and communicating with lay persons has been a major feature of most of my projects.