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Central Deccan Plateau dry deciduous forests, East Deccan moist deciduous forests, North Deccan dry deciduous forests


Conservationist, Student

Paul Benjamin Clement

Centre for Wildlife Studies

I’m a dedicated wildlife conservationist with a diverse academic background and hands-on experience in the field. My journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology, followed by a Master’s in Forestry from the prestigious Forest Research Institute, Dehradun.

I started my career as a Research Assistant at Wildlife SOS Bear Rehabilitation Centre, Agra, where I gained invaluable insights into wildlife rehabilitation and research. Transitioning to the Wildlife Conservation Society – India, I found my niche in the Counter Wildlife Trafficking team before assuming the role of Research and Outreach Manager in the Eastern Ghats.

Currently serving as the Project Coordinator for the Centre for Wildlife Studies in the Eastern Ghats, my passion lies in meticulously planning and executing wildlife conservation projects. My expertise spans project planning, stakeholder engagement, monitoring and evaluation, capacity-building, and education and outreach initiatives.

In addition to my work with wildlife conservation organizations, I’ve also undertaken agroforestry projects in about 300+ acres of land in Kawal Tiger Reserve. In collaboration with local farmers, we actively advocated for agroforestry practices on privately owned lands. Our primary focus was on revitalizing degraded and fallow areas to improve the green cover and establish natural habitat buffers.

With robust community support, our team successfully restored 302 acres of privately owned forest, contributing significantly to conservation efforts in the region.