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Andaman Islands rainforests, Central Deccan Plateau dry deciduous forests, Malabar Coast moist forests, North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests, North Western Ghats montane rainforests, South Western Ghats moist deciduous forests, South Western Ghats montane rainforests, Chhota-Nagpur dry deciduous forests


Conservationist, Nature educator, Researcher, Ecologist

Pankaj Koparde

MIT World Peace University & Chatur Ullu Lab

Dr. Pankaj Koparde is an evolutionary ecologist working as an Assistant Professor with the Department of Environmental Studies, MIT-WPU Pune. His core expertise is in subjects such as Aquatic Ecology, Urban Ecology, Biogeography, Biodiversity Informatics, and Science Communication. He primarily works on owls and dragonflies. He is an admin of two mega citizen science projects, DragonflySouthAsia and OwlIndia. He is a TEDx speaker and has delivered talks across popular platforms such as Towards and Ecological Landscape (TEL), Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA), and Science on Tap. He is a DST Young Scientist awardee; SAEVUS Rising Star of Conservation; Prakriti & EarthWatch Fellow. He is an IUCN contributor and actively engaged in research benefitting on-ground conservation. His work is featured in several newspapers and magazines. In his latest work, his team sampled odonates (dragonflies & damselflies) across the Western Ghats (Gujarat to Kerala) and have got significant findings regarding the geographical distribution of odonates as well as their responses to climate change. He recently presented his work at University of Oxford, UK and have been invited to present at EcoSummit 2023, Australia. He has closely worked with organizations such as ERM, Ranwa, SACON, NCBS, and WRCS as an ecological consultant and subject expert. He is a member of two government committees such as the Panchagani Biodiversity Committee and Pashan Lake Conservation Committee. He is a member of the World Dragonfly Association USA, International Biogeography Society USA, and Society for Conservation Biology UK. He is also a published Marathi writer with a major interest in literary essays (Lalit). His lab group is known as Chatur Ullu Lab denoting the off beat research Dr. Koparde and his team is doing on Dragonflies (Chatur) and Owls (Ullu).

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