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Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests


Restoration Practitioner, Student, Researcher

Years of experience
2-5 years

Noopur Borawake

Nature Conservation Foundation

My academic interest lies in tropical forest ecology. I have been managing the forest restoration project of the Eastern Himalaya Programme of NCF, based in Arunachal Pradesh since 2018. With this project, I embarked on the first steps to understanding how tropical rainforests grow back after they have been deforested. I intend to continue this journey of exploring forest restoration and regeneration in human-modified landscapes for my future work. Besides growing a diverse array of native rainforest tree species in the nursery, finding suitable sites, and implementing active restoration at those sites, I have undertaken studies to evaluate the performance of the planted species to aid our restoration efforts in this landscape. My prior research looked at the impacts of tourism on herbaceous vegetation on lateritic plateaus in Maharashtra. My other interests include travelling and arts.