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Deccan thorn scrub forests, North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests, North Western Ghats montane rainforests, Northeast India-Myanmar pine forests, South Western Ghats moist deciduous forests


Community leader, Conservationist, Field biologist, Naturalist, Nature educator, Ecologist

Years of experience
10-20 years

Nirmal Kulkarni

Wildlife Conservation Society India

Nirmal U Kulkarni is a herpetologist and nature photographer with over two decades of experience as Director ( Ecology) of the twin nature resorts Wildernest and Swapnagandha in the Chorla Ghats forests of the Western Ghats of India. The resorts have conserved over 900 acres of Northern Western Ghats forests as a private sanctuary and helped passively restore over 100 acres of forest land. He is an Expert member of the Goa State Biodiversity Board and Chairman of the Mhadei Research Centre, Goa, India. As an ecologist, Nirmal is involved in long term monitoring of this private sanctuary and the adjoining Mhadei bio region. His research interests include field herpetology in tropical forests, tackling organised illegal wildlife trade and conservation education.