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Central Deccan Plateau dry deciduous forests, Deccan thorn scrub forests, East Deccan dry-evergreen forests, East Deccan moist deciduous forests, Orissa semi-evergreen forests



Nikhitha Jagadeesh

Council for Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW)

Nikhitha is policy professional working as Research Analyst with the Sustainable Food Systems team at CEEW. She specialises at the intersections of restoration policies, public finances and environmental economics. She has been an SBI Youth for India fellow prior to graduating with Master’s in Public Policy. By training she’s been an engineer. She has worked extensively on Pastoralism and Grassland restoration with ATREE, Environmental crimes and hunting with CWS, and as Research Associate at IORA Ecological Solutions prior to joining CEEW. She aspires to influence policies on Ecosystem based approach to restoration, Developing a sustainable economy around Forest Foods and Nutrition and Invasive Species Management in India.