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Aravalli west thorn scrub forests


Community Engagement Expert, Urban Designer

Nidhi Batra

Sehreeti Developmental Practices Foundation

Nidhi Batra is a development practitioner with over 17 years of experience, trained as an architect and environmental urban designer. She also holds a postgraduate diploma in environmental law and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Urban Commons and the act of communing.

She is the Founder of Sehreeti Developmental Practices Foundation. This not-for-profit organization works on the collaborative and collective practice principle, with community engagement and sustainable development as its core pillars. With the motto of connecting people to their environs – natural, built, and cultural, Sehreeti works across four pillars: 1) Awareness, outreach, and advocacy. 2) Design Interventions. 3) Research and dissemination, and 4) Green Skills development and training.

Nidhi also works as a Skills Specialist for Sustainable Jobs at The World Bank, for projects in India and Maldives. She is also the Regional Head for Placemaking – a platform advocating inclusive and vibrant public places, and an affiliate of PlacemakingX.

Nidhi is also a visiting faculty in architectural colleges in Delhi-NCR.