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North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests, North Western Ghats montane rainforests


Botanist, Conservationist, Field biologist, Naturalist, Private landowner, Researcher, Restoration Practitioner

Years of experience
2-5 years

Milind Patil

Western Ghats Nursery

Milind Patil did his graduation and post-graduation in the subject of Forestry. He established Western Ghats’ Nursery (WGN) as a center for propagation and care of native, rare, endemic and threatened plant species of the Western Ghats, especially for the ecoregion – North Western Ghats montane rain forests. The aim is to link forest ecosystem restoration initiatives with local communities, establishing on-ground network, creating awareness about the local flora and increasing people’s participation for conservation of native plant diversity in the Western Ghats. He is also working for the conservation of local agro-biodiversity and home-garden farming systems.