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Deccan thorn scrub forests, South Deccan Plateau dry deciduous forests, South Western Ghats moist deciduous forests


Nature educator, Permaculture Designer

Kali Prakash

Panmayam Permaculture

I’m the founder of Panmayam Permaculture and The Fruit Crew. An engineer, educator and farmer, I’m on a mission to create a sustainable world! I am passionate about educating minds, designing sustainable spaces, and growing deliciously nutrient- dense fruits. 

At Panmayam Permaculture, we embrace regenerative agriculture practices, while at The Fruit Crew, we deliver nature’s delicious and nutrient- packed fruits to your doorstep.

I’m also an advocate for soil biology and love exploring the hidden wonders beneath our feet with a microscope. Passionate about planting seeds of sustainability and fostering a love for the Earth in young minds. I hope more people join me on a journey of growing food, fermenting flavors, and embracing sustainable living.