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South Western Ghats montane rainforests


Conservationist, Researcher

Harshavardhini Angappan

Keystone Foundation

After completing my undergraduate studies in chemical engineering, I moved to Canberra, Australia, to pursue a master’s degree in environmental studies. I returned to India after completing my studies, where I am currently employed by the Keystone Foundation in the “Biodiversity Conservation” team as a technical coordinator. As an IUCN redlist certified assessor, I have submitted an assessment for the species “Memecylon edule,” which is awaiting publication. Apart from this, I am also a ‘Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner in Training (CERPIT)’ which is a certificate given to emerging restoration practitioner by Society of Ecological Restoration (SER). I am currently assessing 25 RET species that are located throughout the Western Ghats in addition to working on the rehabilitation of an abandoned tea estate in Coonoor.