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Aravalli west thorn scrub forests


Private landowner

Harsh Singh Lohit

Aman Bagh provides income and naturally-grown food for its community of 5 families, and enables us live in ever-increasing harmony with ourselves, each other and nature. We have evolved our farming viewpoint interacting with the diversity of the Aravali forest land that surround us, as well as from the ancient traditions of the self-cultivating peasants of semi-arid South Haryana.  Aman Bagh’s 3 acres were a two-crop land in 2011 with 25 trees. Today, we have over 2,000 (150+ species) perennial trees, bushes, grasses and creepers. We grow 90+ seasonal food crops of fruit, cereal, oilseed, lentil and vegetables for ourselves. We minimise the use of machines that need fossil fuel, plough the cropped land area with bullocks and nourish its fertility continually by adding 10+ tonnes each year of dung from our 5 cattle, and use methane from the dung to cook food for ourselves and our cattle. Other natural farming techniques of green manuring, multi-cropping, crop rotation, continuous mulching, open-pollinated seeds are by now part of our rhythm. However, we recognise interactions between these parts are more important than the parts themselves. Our joy is a no-till ‘Bani‘ (small forest) established on a half acre in 2019 that combines fruit and local flowering plant life. Today, we are home to 30+ species of birds, many butterflies and bees as well as scores of insects that peacefully share in the bounty that nature provides.  Prakritik Jeevan, Praktitik Kheti. We welcome mindful visitors, especially the youth, who wish to see what Prakriti has to teach.