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South Western Ghats moist deciduous forests, South Western Ghats montane rainforests


Naturalist, Researcher, Restoration Practitioner

Years of experience
10-20 years

Godwin Vasanth Bosco

Godwin Vasanth Bosco is the lead conservation gardener and researcher with Upstream Ecology (UE). Growing up in the vast Theosophical Society campus, attending The School KFI in Chennai, nurtured the naturalist in him. It was a sprawling lush campus in the middle of a populated urban center. Replete with an ancient Banyan tree, a luring mango tree, a pond, snakes, deer and every other fascinating twine, branch, bush or sandpit an adventurous young child could explore. If that was not fascinating enough; on vacations Vasanth traveled with his family to the Nilgiri highlands, his home town and birthplace. Here he traveled through the jungle, past elephants, gaur, deer, through the smell of pristine forests, and up to the mist clad mountains. This strengthened his endearing bond the landscape. A landscape he often refers to as “one of the greatest teachers he has come to know”. His journey after school took him to Finland and study Environmental Engineering, where as an inventor, he holds two patents in alternative technology. Unable to resist the call, he returned to his native landscape. He then attended a Program at the Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary to study ecology of mountainous landscapes. Here, his deep bond for this form of learning took form. Returning to the Nilgiris, the destruction of native ecology he decided to work against this all consuming force. Yet the more he tried to tackle this problem, the more complex the questions and challenges became. Thus began the journey to find solutions at the grass root level and work for the change needed.