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East Deccan moist deciduous forests, Sundarbans mangroves, Chhota-Nagpur dry deciduous forests, Sundarbans freshwater swamp forests


Community leader, Conservationist, Naturalist, Nature educator, Researcher, Ecologist

Diya Banerjee

Uttarayan Wildlife

An ex corporate wholly dedicated to wildlife management and conservation in West Bengal for past 15 years. I have been in several prestigious conflict management mitigation projects for past 10 years. Am also a successful activist voicing my concerns in form of RTI, PIL’s for better management and slip-offs. Featured in Fortune India magazine as a wildlife conservationist working towards Conflict mitigation. Certified from United for Wildlife in Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation Awarded the Hoffman Ecology Restoration Grant, Switzerland to revive the broken ecology of Sundarbans Post Amphan.