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Lower Gangetic Plains moist deciduous forests



Carol Pereira

Manchester Metropolitan University

I’m Carol Pereira. I’m from Mumbai, Maharashtra. I’ve been working in the field of sustainability and conservation for over 5 years and my journey in this field began 8 years back. I’ve engaged in environmental education for most part of my career. As a Science Communicator, I’ve interacted with people from all walks of life , thus, teaching and receiving knowledge in tandem. My journey as a Restoration Ecologist didn’t begin until 2019 when I visited some of the remote villages in Maharashtra, communicating with the locals and trying hard to empathise with their struggle for water and electricity while we were just working to identify an alternative source of water for the urban areas of Mumbai. The pandemic worked in my favour as it was then that I could research about Restoration science as well as attend a number of webinars on Restoration projects in India, especially those of abandoned mines. In the following year I signed up for a Master’s programme abroad. Through this course, I’ve been able to research different areas of restoration and the impact of stakeholder participation in such projects. One such project focussed on assessing the unsustainable practices of harvesting the Non -timber Forest Produce(NTFPs) in Buxa Tiger Reserve, West Bengal. This project served as an eye-opener in terms of tribal peoples exploitation owing to the contractor-middlemen nexus. While this was one of the few projects I worked on, I wish to understand the various interventions in Restoration projects and the contribution of various stakeholders, especially those of local communities in the success of restoration projects.