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Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests, Lower Gangetic Plains moist deciduous forests


Botanist, Field biologist, Naturalist, Plant taxonomist, Researcher

Bibidishananda Basu

Nature Conservation Foundation

Bibidishananda a.k.a BB as he is fondly called, is a trained botanist with a passion for wildlife, with a deep interest in plant taxonomy and plant-animal interactions. He is intrigued by the diversity of species and is keen to understand the reasons behind this diversity and how different plants and animals co-exist. Hailing from a village in West Bengal, he remembers his childhood as wild. Nature and wildlife shaped his worldview at a young age, and he spent his early years observing plants and a range of animals. Having finished his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Botany, BB decided to pursue his interest in wildlife through the lens of a botanist. Following his passion, now he is interested in working on frugivory and seed dispersal in tropical forests and how these interactions shape the community. He is doing his PhD at the Nature Conservation Foundation on Mammal seed dispersal in North East India. He has varied interests like how different plant-animal interaction shapes community and application in ecological restoration, evolutionary plant community assembly, plant taxonomy and evolution, and conservation genetics of different plants and animals. Previously, he worked on the taxonomy and molecular ecology of different plants and animals.