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Western Himalayan broadleaf forests


Nature educator, Researcher, Scientist, Ecological Thinker, Ec

Aseem Shrivastava

Ashoka University

I am a writer, teacher and ecological thinker with a doctorate in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After completing a thesis on the history of forest management in the Himalayas, I became increasingly dissatisfied with the notion of sustainability dominant in today’s environmental thinking. My interests moved towards philosophy, which I taught in Norway for several years. Eventually, my interests have come to centre around ecological philosophy. This has led me to search for an ‘ecosophy’, a fresh perspective, entailing the development of altogether new concepts, in which to understand the ecological crisis of the earth.

I have taught over several years courses on Global and Indian Ecosophy at Ashoka University. I have written (with Ashish Kothari) the books ‘Churning the Earth: The Making of Global India’ (Penguin Viking, New Delhi, 2012), and ‘Prithvi Manthan’ (Rajkamal Prakashan, New Delhi, 2016). I am currently at work on two ‘ecosophical’ projects. In one book I bring Rabindranath Tagore‚Äôs spiritual and ecological vision into dialogue with the ecological challenges of 21st century modernity. The other book aims to offer a simple introduction to ecosophy as a new perspective in which to view the ecological crisis.