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South Deccan Plateau dry deciduous forests


Restoration Practitioner, Naturalist, Nature educator, Conservationist

Years of experience
20+ years

Arun Venkataramanan

The forest way

I quit my engineering job when I was 28 and since then have been an educator and have been involved in conservation. Just completed 25 years of sea turtle conservation in Chennai with students sea turtle conservation network (since 1997) and for the past 14 years have been involved with the ecological restoration in the Thiruvannamalai region (since 2008). I am part of a community attempting to live sustainably. The community land is spread over 12 acres. Here food is grown organically and powered by solar energy. We run an alternative school called Marudam farm school. This school primarily is for local children though we have children from different backgrounds studying together. The focus of the school is nature based experiential education. Marudam farm and Marudam school have been functioning since 2009. I teach the older children of Marudam and we participate together in all nature related activities.