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Malabar Coast moist forests, South Western Ghats moist deciduous forests, South Western Ghats montane rainforests


Field biologist, Ecologist

Anoop Das

Centre for Conservation Ecology, MES Mampad College

Dr. K S Anoop Das is employed as Head and Assistant Professor at Centre for Conservation Ecology & Dept of Zoology, at M.E.S Mampad College, India. He also serves as a Visiting Professor at the Leshan Normal University, China. He was an investigator in a project funded by various agencies such as UNDP, UNEP, CEPF-USA, Wildlife Trust USA, and UGC, Govt of India. Dr. K.S Anoop Das has many publications in various national and international journals and bagged national and international awards and grants. He is also a Member of IUCN/SSC – South Asian Invertebrate Specialist Group since 2016. He had offered talks at the various platforms in 14 countries. He also represented India, in the United Nations Environment program- EPLC’s Asia Pacific Environment Forum, South Korea in 2011 and in 2013 to have an ambassadorial visit to the USA. He had been trained by experts from California Academy of Sciences, in the rainforests of Sabah, Malaysia and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China on the Conservation Ecology and Animal Sciences. He had done field works in United Kingdom, South Korea, United States of America, Germany, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.